ConnectSafe Adelaide is Australia’s first field trial and on-road demonstration of dedicated short range communications for cooperative safety and traffic management.

The ConnectSafe trial is being conducted by the University of South Australia and Cohda Wireless, and is sponsored by the South Australian Motor Accident Commission with support from the Department of Transport Energy and Infrastructure.

Traffic Management

A fleet of ten DSRC-equipped vehicles record periodic snapshots of their position, speed, heading and acceleration. This data is uploaded to roadside equipment located at the DTEI Traffic Management Centre. Snapshots are taken every few seconds, and are also triggered by events such as heavy braking, and stop-start conditions. This information provides valuable information about road conditions and traffic flow, congestion, road safety ‘black spots’, intersection queue lengths and travel times.

Road Safety

On-road demonstrations will give participants first-hand experience of co-operative safety applications including intersection collision warning, emergency electronic brake light and roadworker alerts.